Alexis – Life Drawing March 20, 2012

by Eric on April 3, 2012

20 minute, 10 minute, and 40 minute life drawing poses of Alexis at Norfolk Drawing Group on March 20, 2012.

All these drawings were done on toned Canson Mi-Tientes Paper, using Conte Pastel Pencils.

Alexis - 20 minute pose

Alexis - 20 minute pose

Alexis - 10 minute pose

Alexis - 10 minute pose

Alexis - 40 minute pose

Alexis - 40 minute pose


Links to Materials:

Canson Mi-Tientes Pastel Pad (Assorted Colors) 12 x 16 Inch:

Conte 24-Count Assortment Pastel Pencils:

Life Drawing in Conte Pastel Pencil

by Eric on March 15, 2012

“Crystal” – 40 min. pose
Conte Pastel Pencils on 9×12 Pastel paper
March 13, 2012

This is a Conte pastel pencil drawing done at Norfolk Drawing Group on March 13, 2012.   It is 9 x 12 inch toned paper.  The pose was 40 minutes, broken into two 20 minute sessions.

With only 40 minutes I had to work quickly, and I probably spent too much time with the drawing accuracy to start out.  Even so, the drawing wasn’t completely accurate as her legs should have been longer!  But I had to get moving and into the shading and coloring and overall I felt the piece came out pretty strong.  I’m glad I didn’t skip too much of the drawing part because I always feel that is important, particularly with life drawings.  If you miss the accuracy, it really shows in your drawings, regardless of how the shading and values comes out.  Not that shading and values aren’t important, but for me I feel that the drawing is probably the most important.  That’s with my art anyway – for others I’m not trying to make a judgment or recommendation by saying that.

Crystal was an excellent model – we did a couple other poses which were great.  Hoping to work with her again some time.

I welcome any comments and/or critiques below.  Thanks!

– Eric

September 19, 2011

I finally completed this oil pastels piece. I worked on it a long time, maybe a total of 30 hours. It’s from a photo reference of Shay Laren, with a background of my own creation. I did want to make it all very sensual and I think the flowers helped with that. I’m pleased with […]

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Nude figure drawing step by step

July 25, 2011

This drawing came from one of the poses from Virtual Pose (Master Collection 2). The oil pastels used are Mungyo, Erengi and Sennelier, and the surface is Canson mi-Tientes colored pastel paper. I used the smooth side of the paper, which I prefer because I am not fond of the texture of mi-Tientes paper for […]

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